The Barnstable Association for Recreational Shellfishing was founded in 2001 by André Sampou, Ty Ranta, Ed Dutton, Dave Kicilinski, Kris Clark, and Fred Dempsey. The purpose of BARS is to discuss issues relating to recreational shellfishing in the Town of Barnstable and to promote the welfare, propagation, conservation and protection of the existing shellfish habitats.

BARS has grown quite a bit since then with over 200 members. The group has focused on conservation of the shellfishing habitat, water quality, and ways to water. BARS volunteers have worked hand-in-hand with the Town of Barnstable Department of Marine and Environmental Affairs (MEA) in planting and transplanting shellfish.

An issue that BARS got involved with early on was to limit pier construction where new structures would have a detrimental effect on the shellfish habitat. The town finally passed a law that limited new private pier construction greatly due to BARS efforts.

BARS has monthly meetings that feature speakers in related areas.

BARS Board of Directors

Bob Parsons, President
John Townes, Vice President
Don Capobianco, Treasurer
Patricia Farinha, Secretary

Ken Cloud

Lenny DiLorenzo
Linda Pearson
Tess Prete
Carl Schoenfelder
Leigh Townes
Jack Walker

Adopt a Spot: Norm Wilson, Steve Hoxie

Barnstable Natural Resources Liaisons: John and Leigh Townes
BARS Annual Dinner: John Townes, Betty Haviland
Blessing of the Rakes: Patricia Farinha
Charitable Works/Outreach: Rick Ryan
CoastSweep: Bette Silva
Finance: Bob Parsons
Hyannis Quahog Festival: Bob Parsons
July 4th Parade: Penny Scott, Lenny Clark
Marstons Mills Village Day: Bill Shumway and Bob Parsons
Membership: Betty Haviland
Nominating: Bill Shumway
Recycling: Bob Parsons, Betty Haviland
Scholarship: Ralph Krau
Shuck! Betty Haviland
Sunshine Club: Bette Silva
Website/Social Media: Andrew Newman
West Barnstable Village Festival: Bob Parsons, John Townes

Photo of André Sampou by Kris Clark