BARS Adopts Cordwood Landing

Here are some photos of that show our latest adoption, Cordwood Landing on Old Post Road. It is a simple road runoff drain that takes the water off Old Post road and filters it through the crushed stone and nitrogen thirsty plants that you see in the gully. The problem with taking on this site was lack of watering capability. Norm Wilson solved the problem by approaching the closest neighbor and convincing him that it would be a nice gesture on his part if he let us use his water faucet to water our new site. As our way of thanking him for use of his water, he is now an honorary member of BARS. The area has been cleaned up and is under the care of Ron Glantz & Norm Wilson. Our plan now is to hold off acquiring any more sites for a while and concentrate on taking care Ropes Beach and Cordwood Landing until a new candidate comes our way. Thanks to all the BARS volunteers for their help on this project. —Fred Dempsey, Chairman of BARS Adopt a Spot Program

Cordwood Landing Drainage Area adopted by BARSCordwood Landing Drainage with BARS signBARS sign at Cordwood Landing