BARS Adopts Ropes Beach


BARS is participating the Barnstable “Adopt a Spot” program as part of the 208 Nitrogen Reduction program in Barnstable. The “Spot” BARS adopted is the Ropes Beach area in Cotuit, MA. This system being used there is called a Stormwater Bioretention Soil Media Filter, and it takes the road runoff from Putnam Avenue and filters out about 15% of the nitrogen in that water. The portion by the side of the road is one that BARS has worked on before. We have cleaned it up again and hope to maintain it in the present condition. The Edmund W. Harlow Memorial area is new. It is part of the same filtering system and the working parts of it are under the grass and filters the runoff water before it enters the bay. Fred Dempsey is chairman of the BARS Adopt a Spot program.

BARS volunteers shown in first photo, left to right: Ed Dutton, Tom Lipinski, John Ferine, Bruce Morrison, Bob Parsons, Norm Wilson, Mark Snyder, Andrew Newman, Steve Hoxie, Ron Glantz, and Fred Dempsey.

The last ten slideshow images were taken on July 25th, 2016, and show the results of all of the BARS volunteers’ hard work.

Photos by Andrew Newman and Paul Wasilewski