BARS 2015 Shellfishing Classes

The BARS Shellfish Mentoring Program began in 2004 by assisting Barnstable Natural Resources with  their Clamming for Kids classes. Group classes were scheduled and opened to the general public. Lessons were given on how to shellfish for quahogs, steamer clams, razor clams, mussels, and oysters.

In 2008, BARS began offering individual shellfishing classes to the general public while continuing to assist Natural Resources with the group clases. Both formats continue to be hugely popular. The classes are very informative,  lots of fun, and participants who have their shellfishing license get to keep what they have harvested.

The classes are held at Bridge Street Landing, Osterville. A Town of Barnstable Shellfishing License is required. A limited number of rakes and baskets will be available to borrow for the class. BARS members are available to assist students.

Classes are usually held one hour before low tide, and opened with a general overview followed by hands-on instruction in the water and on the shore. Classes run from one to three hours, depending upon the tide.

Summer clamming classes for 2015 to be announced:

For more information contact Ron Glantz: