B.A.R.S. Protecting S.H.A.R.P.

BARS protecting SHARP

We thought the pier issue was a done deal, but it is rearing its ugly head yet again. People owning temporary docks and piers in shellfish habitat areas are now starting to appeal to have them converted to permanent status, and the first one is right in one of the prime areas for natural shellfish growth.

The Town of Barnstable Conservation Committee is ready to vote on whether to approve a request to make a temporary dock into a permanent dock. This location across from Cordwood,  is one of the best areas for natural shellfish growth. This area is rated a 10 and the Town of Barnstable Shellfish Committee has indicated that the proposal should be rejected.

This an urgent request for as many BARS members (and anyone concerned about our shellfish habitat) as possible to attend the next meeting of the Town of Barnstable Conservation Commission to be held on Tuesday, October 27 at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be held in the Town Hall hearing room.

The more people we can get to this meeting to show objection the better. Along with other speakers will be Ron Glantz and Fred Dempsey. Please make every effort to attend. Thank you.