The B.A.R.S. Book of Favorite Shellfish Recipes


A Selection of Favorite Recipes from BARS Members

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This 112 page cookbook is a spiral bound paperback with a heavy coated linen textured cover. Interior text and illustrations are black and white. Recipes include appetizers, soups, main courses, desserts, sauces, and side dishes. Since BARS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your cookbook purchase is considered a tax deductible contribution. The cookbook is $17.00. Shipping is free. The first edition is sold out. Watch for expanded 2nd edition.

A Cape Cod cook book! Here they are!
A breath from every cookie jar,
A whiff from over spicy sweet
Two hundred secrets — good to eat!
Thanksgiving, clambake, picnic grove,
Each lends a taste, a treasure trove;
And here they are for you to buy-
What’s that? You’ve bought one? So have I.

—from the foreword poem to What We Cook on Cape Cod by Amy Handy — originally published in Barnstable, MA by the Barnstable Village Improvement Society, 1911 by Joseph C. Lincoln

Cookbook edited and compiled by Ron Glantz
Cover design and illustration copyright © by Laurie McCarthy