It is the practice of The Barnstable Association of Recreational Shell fishermen to provide financial assistance to individuals pursuing careers in the marine, ocean or environmental fields graduating from schools in the Barnstable area.

The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidelines, including but not limited to the application and selection processes, for use by the Scholarship Committee and other appropriate individuals/groups. The Chair of the Scholarship Committee is responsible for implementing this policy with the assistance of the members of the Scholarship Committee as well as the President of BARS.

The President of BARS or his/her designee receives and collects all applications and documents pertaining to the scholarship applicants. A folder is created for each scholarship applicant containing the application form. The application should be accompanied by an essay, letters of recommendation, high school transcripts and provisional acceptance to a college which offers marine, ocean or environmental degrees. The Chair and committee members examine the contents of each folder to be certain it is complete. Their impressions of each applicant are recorded on a rating sheet. A tentative list of possible winners and alternates should be selected with substantiating reasons for the selection. The Scholarship Committee will meet each spring to make the final selection of the winners and alternates. To be considered for the final selection, the applicants folder must contain the following:

  1. Complete Application Form  BARS Scholarship Application
  2. Deadline for high school filing is April 1st of senior year.
  3. Returning college students deadline: February 1st of each year.
  4. Transcript(s) of college credits
  5. Provisional acceptance by an accredited school to do graduate work
  6. Personal letter of references
  7. Interview form with designated interviewer


  1. Preference shall be given to those students studying Marine or Environmental Studies
  2. They display a special interest/aptitude for marine and/or environmental studies
  3. Applicants must submit evidence of at least a “3.0” or above academic achievement
  4. Applicants must submit a statement of provisional acceptance
  5. Applicants must submit evidence of financial need.
  6. Applicants must show Community involvement.

A number of resources are used to provide  scholarships to a returning student. This student can be in his/her sophomore, Junior or Senior year. The availability and amount of this scholarship is based on the available funds as determined by the Board of Directors annually. The awarding of this is scholarship is based solely on a GPA average of at least a 3.2. In the event of a tie the Board may elect to divide the scholarship funds among the qualifying students.

Neilie Fromhein BARS scholarship winner interviewIn May of 2021, BARS Scholarship Committee Chairman Leonard DiLorenzo interviewed BARS Returning Student Scholarship Award Winner, Neilie Fromhein. She wanted to express her gratitude to BARS for the scholarships that we have given her. John Townes recorded the video of their conversation. Click on photo for the interview.