Volunteers Needed for BARS Recycling in September 2016

BARS recycles

The Town of Barnstable Transfer Station has offered BARS the opportunity to collect bottles and cans for September 2016. This is a great opportunity for BARS to add a substantial sum to our scholarship fund. President Norm Wilson… Read More


Bottles and Cans for BARS

  MESSAGE FROM THE QUARTERDECK OF THE PRESIDENT While this message may look familiar it should. It is the same message I gave last month. I think it is important to repeat it as we are only approximately… Read More

BARS Will Take Your Bottles and Cans in July 2015

Ron and Steve

BARS is manning the bottle and can recycle shed at the Barnstable Transfer Station for the month of February. We’re using the money for BARS’ scholarship fund. If you can spare some bottles or cans, we’ll take them…. Read More