View from the Flats (Summation 02-2019)

Shudder's Lane shellfishermen
BARS volunteersThis will be my last View from the Flats. In November the Board elected a new Slate of Officers for 2019. The Officers and Directors for 2019 are as follows:
Officers and Directors Slate for 2019
PresidentRobert Parsons
Vice PresidentJohn Townes
TreasurerDonald Capobianco
SecretaryRichard Ryan
Associate SecretaryRalph Krau
Associate TreasurerTo be determined
DirectorsBetty Haviland
Leigh Townes
Steve Hoxie
Lenny Clark
Carl Schoenfelder
President EmeritusBill Shumway
It is with sincere thanks that I recognize Penny Scott for her dedication and hard work as Vice President. She was instrumental in selecting the excellent Speakers for 2018, organized the 4thof July Parade/Parade Float which would have won another First Prize if prizes had been awarded, worked tirelessly at our events, and made some of the best Manhattan clam chowder that I have ever tasted.
My deep appreciation for all the advice and counselling that I received from our Past President and President Emeritus, Norm Wilson. Norm has been a man of many accomplishments and his help and guidance has been sincerely appreciated. His work on the Adopt-A-Spot Program has been a significant contributor to our Mission and he will be sorely missed on the Board.
I can’t leave out our Treasurer, Don Capobianco, Secretary Rick Ryan, and Associate Secretary and Scholarship Committee Chair, Ralph Krau. Don has been extremely patient with me. He taught me a lot about the financials of a nonprofit corporation as well as the history and activities of BARS. He keeps track of our dollars to the penny and is a dedicated BARS team player. Rick has shown me the workings of a board of directors and has been extremely helpful both on the board andworking tirelessly as a volunteer at our events. Ralph has been extremely helpful in helping me carry forward the objectives, mission, projects, and programs, that were the wishes of Ron Glantz, our Past President. Ralph’s work on the Scholarship Committee, a significant part of the BARS Mission and Programs, has been exemplary. Ralph also volunteered for all that he could while overcoming his health issues, and he is now a very healthy man.
The past year and a half has been very rewarding. There have been significant accomplishments by all our officers, directors and members.
  • Membership grew by 23 members in 2017 and 28 members in 2018,
  • The UMass Dartmouth Endowment Fund ($25,000) was paid in full two years early.
  • Income from the BARS Events was a record–2018 Income was $6,200
  • BARS Volunteers made and sold over 50! Gallons (826 cups!) of BARS “Chowda”
  • Recycling Center Income was at an all-time high of $8,000 for July.
  • Recycling volunteers contributed 797 hours of time, working 224 shifts and 25 volunteers assisted in the 11 “Load Outs” of bottles and cans to the Recycler
  • Natural Resources (NR) Liz Lewis’s “Lovely Volunteers” numbered 43 BARS members of the total 70 NR Volunteers. BARS contributed 70% of the volunteer hours for NR in 2018
  • Maintained Cordwood and Ropes Landing as Part of the Barnstable “Adopt-a-Spot” Program
  • 3 Members Served on Barnstable Shellfish Committee in support of Natural Resources
  • Awarded $1,000 Scholarships to two Barnstable High School Students, Allison Carter and Cameron Robert Capak
  • Paid Returning Students Johnathan Coelho and Emma Child scholarships of $1,000 each
  • BARS social media activity has increased and we now have over 600 Facebook followers and 500 on Twitter.


New Members in 2018: Claire Bingham and John McDonald, Bob Bourque, Ralph Bousquet, Paul Caruso, Carl Ciccone, Robert Curtis, Kahren Dowcett, Mark Fellows, Tom Gillooly, Bill and Beth Hearn, Stephen Hemberger and Ellen McCabe, Michael and Julie Hopper, Arunas and Lauren Kleinas, Donna Mayo, Karen and Todd McGee, Nancy Michaelis, Steven Modliszewski, Eric and Jan Mueller, Susan Nicosia, Tess Prete, Doug Rooney, David and Cheryl Ann Ryan, Elizabeth Souza and Bill Stapleton, Jeffrey Twarog, Kate and Troy Walls, Lisa and Bernie Weiss, Diane and Drew Wollensak and Ronald Zaiger

Scholarship Committee: Ralph Krau, Ed Dutton, Lenny DiLorenzo, John Ferine, George Lloyd, Bob Silva. The Committee did exceptionally well and awarded the following scholarships in support of restoring and sustaining shellfishing as a positive asset to the Town of Barnstable:
  • John J.J. Ferguson Barnstable High School was paid $1,000 in Jan 2018 for his scholarship award in March of 2017.
  • Johnathan Coelho of Barnstable High School was paid $1,000 in Jan 2018 for his scholarship award in March of 2017.
  • Emma Child of Barnstable High School was paid $1000 on 1/30/18 as a returning student for grades she received in 2017.
  • Allyson H. Carter was awarded a $1,000 scholarship in the Memory of Michelle Zacek (this was paid in Jan 2019).
  • Camryn Roberts Capak was awarded a $1,000 scholarship in the Memory of Dave Kiclinski (paid in Jan. 2019).
  • Rebecca Z. Bachtel was awarded a $1,000 scholarship on May 18, 2018 by UMass Dartmouth from the BARS Endowment Fund
  • Sarah Whitman was awarded a $400 scholarship on December 14, 2018 by UMass Dartmouth from the BARS Endowment Fund.
  • Elizabeth Ells was awarded a $1,000 scholarship on December 21, 2018 by UMass Dartmouth from the BARS Endowment Fund.
Volunteer activity has been significant in 2018. Every Member has contributed to the BARS Mission in some way. Joining BARS and paying the dues is a significant contribution to the BARS Mission, and the contribution of time and effort to achieving our goals has been tremendous. Below are the 2018 Activities and Events and the names of the individuals who have contributed directly with time and effort to achieve our Goals and to have Fun!
Recycling/Load Outs: Bob Borque, Joe Brown, Joyce Capobianco, Lenny Clark, Ken Cloud, Ralph Dagwan, Fred Dempsey, Len Dilorenzo, Joe and Mary Doolin, Peter Eleftherakis, Patricia Farinha, John Ferine, Muriel Glantz, Don and Betty Haviland, Keith Hochstein, Steve Hoxie, Rollene Hutchinson, Ralph Krau, Ed Lajoie, Wayne Lish, Dick Ossen, Bob Parsons, Frank Rendulic, Rick Ryan, Carl Schoenfelder, Penny Scott, Bill Shumway, Bob Silva, John and Leigh Townes, Jack Walker, Stan Wheeler, and Norman Wilson
Ways To Water (WTW): Patricia Farinha, Leigh Townes, John Townes and Betty Haviland’sgoal is twofold, to inspect for signs and note problems of interest to the town, i.e. signs, vandalism, obstructions to water etc. and to compile a user-friendly file to assist BARS members and others interested to become more familiar with the WTW and thus use them more. Part of the BARS Mission is to encourage the town to re-establish, maintain and increase local “Ways To Water.” The “Team” began a very extensive project to visit both fresh and saltwater WTW on both the north and south side, taking notes of importance and interest along the way. If we don’t pay attention to all these lovely WTW we risk losing them to time and neglect.
Blessing of the Rakes & BARS Tailgate Social: Blessing of the Rakes was held at Bridge Street Landing, Osterville at 9:00 am Saturday, May 19th. Blessed shellfishermen and women who attended the Blessing of the Rakes were invited to shellfish following Blessing of the Rakes (if their license is current). Following the shellfishing they were invited to join the clammers in a tailgate social after they harvested their goods.
Chowder Kings and Queens: BARS made/sold more than 50 gal/ 845 cups of BARS “Chowda” for all the BARS Events; Art on the Village 5 gal/89 cups; West Barnstable Village Fair 8 gal/ 134 cups, Quahog Festival 19 gal/ 306 cups, Marstons Mills Village Day 7 gal/110 cups, Shuck 14 gal/222 cup. West Barnstable Village Fair, Quahog Festival, Marston’s Mills village Day and Shuck! There were numerous inquiries as to the where the BARS Chowda could be purchased other than at the event. People were told it was available at the event in quart containers. Everyone was very pleased with our Chowda. It is always a very big success and the Chowder Kings and Queens are to be commended for their fine work and contribution to the fundraising efforts. Lenny Clark, Ken Cloud, Fred Dempsey, Ed Dutton, Betty Haviland, Keith Hochstein, Robert Hurley, Wayne Lish, Dick Ossen, Bob Parsons, Tess Pete, Penny Scott, Beth Souza, Bill Stapleton, Leigh and John Townes, Stan Wheeler and Norm Wilson are all Chowda Makers Supreme!
Race for the Pint: BARS was asked by the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition to provide help and support at the Third Cape Cod Beer Annual Race for the Pint to benefit the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition. Kris Clark, Fred Dempsey, Patricia Farinha, Wes Harrington, Judy Harrington, Beth Hearn, Bill Hearn, Ed Lajoie, Jen Jones, Bob Parsons, Bill Shumway, Alan Swartz, and Leigh Townes all worked very hard on a rainy day and helped to make it such a successful event.
Art in the Village: BARS first time at this event was very successful. At least two new memberships resulted from our presence and Chowda sales were very good. Well done to Lenny Clark, Don Capobianco, Patricia Farinha, Betty and Don Haviland, Steve Hoxie and Penny Scott!
West Barnstable Village Festival: It was a Banner Year for the West Barnstable Village Festival. Chaired by Penny Scott and Ralph Krau the festival was an excellent display of shellfish fare and BARS volunteer enthusiasm. We provided an expanded menu of BARS chowda, Manhattan clam chowder, lobster bisque, Steamed Clams, oysters and clams on the half shell, and chilled shrimp. An outstanding job was done by: Don Capobianco, Lenny and Kris Clark, Ken Cloud, Fred Dempsey, Ed Dutton, Patricia Farinha, John Ferine, Betty Haviland, Keith Hochstein, Steve Hoxie, Robert Hurley, Ralph Krau, Wayne Lish, Dick Ossen, Bob Parsons, Tess Pete, Rick Ryan, Penny Scott, Frank Rendulic, Beth Souza, Bill Stapleton, Leigh and John Townes, Jack Walker, Stan Wheeler, Norm Wilson, Diane and Drew Wollensak.
Quahog Festival: Our first year at the First Annual Rotary Quahog Festival proved to be extremely eventful and demanding. We sold 306 cups/19 gallons of BARS “Chowda” and over $500 of BARS merchandise. Our total income for the Festival was over $2,000, an event record for BARS. Iin addition, we contributed approximately $600 to the Hyannis Rotary for the opportunity to attend the Festival. Again, customers asked if our Chowda was available in stores and commended its excellence. We were very well served by: Don Capobianco, Ken Cloud, Fred Dempsey, Ed Dutton, John Ferine, Betty and Don Haviland, Steve Hoxie, Robert Hurley, Ralph Krau, Bob Parsons, Tess Prete, Penny Scott, Frank Rendulic, Beth Souza, Bill Stapleton, Leigh and John Townes, Stan Wheeler and Norm Wilson.
Marston’s Mills Village Day: This was our 8thor 9thyear at the Marstons Mills Village Day event. Weather cooperated and sales of Chowda and BARS merchandise was good. Several people inquired about BARS membership, BARS’ mission was explained and our brochure was provided. BARS was ably supported by Betty Haviland, Steve Hoxie, Bob Parsons, Fred Dempsey, John and Leigh Townes, Rolene Hutchinson, Frank Rendulic, Bill Shumway, Norm Wilson, Drew and Diane Wollensak (truck setup).
Shuck! The Oyster Festival organized by and at Cape Cod Beer was a major success and will become an annual event. Volunteers Don Capobianco, Lenny and Kris Clark, Ken Cloud, Fred Dempsey, Ed Dutton, John Ferine, Betty and Don Haviland, Steve Hoxie, Robert Hurley, Bob Parsons, Tess Prete, Penny Scott, Frank Rendulic, Carl Schoenfelder, Beth Souza, Bill Stapleton, Leigh and John Townes, Stan Wheeler and Norm Wilson all did an outstanding job. Shuck! was our 2ndlargest income producer for the year with sales of over $1,600.
CoastSweep: Bette Silva coordinated this year’s CoastSweep at Scudder’s Lane on September 29th and it was a big success. Volunteers at Scudder’s Lane were Bette Silva, Bob Silva, Judy Shumway, Emma Silva, Diane Silva, Leroy Malouf, Teresa Prete, Keith Hochstein, Peter and Susan Eleftherakis, Pat and Ellie McLaughlin, Penny Scott, and Bob Parsons. Betsy Wheeler did the CoastSweep at Rendezvous Lane.
I want to thank the Officers, Directors and especially all our members for all their help and support. This has been an especially rewarding experience for me, and it was only possible with the help and support everyone contributed to BARS and our Mission. Thank you all for the opportunity to be your President.
See you on the flats,
Bill Shumway
oystering at Scudder's Lane, BarnstableBARS volunteers at Handy Point, Cotuit
Photos copyright © 2018 by Bill Shumway