View from the Quarterdeck – October 2017

Jim Scarlett and Norm Wilson sering chowder

September was a busy and eventful month for BARS. The 28th Marstons Mills Village Day Celebration was held on Sunday September 10th on Main Street in Marstons Mills. A Tip of the Rake to Betty Haviland, Bob Parsons, Fred Dempsey, and Norm Wilson for their excellent chowder. Betty’s chowda was an outstanding version of the Official Bars Clam Chowder of Lenny Clark and Ed Dutton that is featured in the BARS brochure. Serving and cash collection for the sales of t-shirts, polo shirts, BARS hats and cookbooks was masterfully handled by Jim & Beverly Scarlett and Keith Hochstein.

BARS Adopt A Spot

Norm Wilson cleaned up along the side of the road to Cordwood Beach, the Gristmill in Marstons Mills, and mowed our Ropes Beach spot. Thank you so much for all your hard work Norm!

Quahog planting season has begun – On September 12, Liz Lewis, Natural Resources Shellfish technician had the first the planned quahog plants at Handy Point. Bars members Dick Ossen, Jack Crooks, Keith Hochstein, Steve Hoxie, Bob Parsons, Glenn Rubin, Leigh Townes, John Ferine Fred Dempsey and Warren Nickerson and Bill Shumway all joined in to be part of Liz’s group of “Lovely Volunteers.” A big “Tip of the Rake” to all!

Our September meeting featured Kalliope Erin Chute, the Hazardous Materials Environmental Specialist at Barnstable County’s Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. She explained the Extension’s Water Quality and Hazardous Waste program in which she has served for the county since 2004. Kalliope explained the connection between household chemicals/pharmaceuticals, water quality, shellfish, and what actions and behaviors people can adopt to protect their local water.

At our upcoming October meeting Tom Marcotti and Liz Lewis will bring us up to date on the Town of Barnstable Natural Resources Department’s activities and the upcoming Oyster season. Please note that this meeting will be at the Centerville Fire Station instead of the West Barnstable Community Building. For more details visit the event page for this meeting.

See you on the flats!
Bill Shumway, BARS President enjoying his BARS chowder during his break at Marstons Mills Village Day

Bill Shumway taking a chowder break at Marstons Mills Village Day