West Barnstable Village Festival 2015

BARS had a very successful event at the West Barnstable Village Festival. In fact it was the most successful one day event we have ever had. I can not express my appreciation, as chairman of the event, for the work of all the volunteers who helped. From the schuckers, chowda makers and servers, grill cooks you all did a fantastic job. From chowda to grilled clams to sausage and peppers to the raw bar it was all great. Again, Thank you for BARS.

—Ron Glantz, BARS Chairman, West Barnstable Village Day


A master shucker at work

Photos by Paul Wasilewski

See all photos of the event on the BARS Facebook page


BARS President, Norm Wilson, Steve Hoxie, and Ron Glantz getting things ready for the festival day

Super Shuckers

Super Shuckers!

Also check out this slide show on The Barnstable Patriot’s website with a great photo of Steve Hoxie at the end.