BARS Videos

Neilie Fromhein BARS scholarship winner interview

In May of 2021 Scholarship Committee Chairman Leonard DiLorenzo interviewed BARS Returning Student Scholarship Award Winner, Neilie Fromhein. She wanted to express her gratitude to BARS for the scholarships that we have given her. John Townes recorded the video of their conversation. Click on photo for the interview.

2019 BARS Year in Review

This presentation illustrating highlights of BARS many accomplishments in 2019 was designed by BARS Vice President John Townes for our Annual Meeting on November 6, 2019. (no audio)

Overfishing Our Oceans

This slideshow was presented by Ron Glantz at the BARS June 2, 2015 meeting at the West Barnstable Community Building. Ron Glantz was an adjunct professor at Cape Cod Community College and former president of BARS.

Taisto Ranta, Native Cape Codder

Documentary and interview with Taisto Ranta, the first Shellfish Warden of the Town of Barnstable. The video was produced by Fred Dempsey and Bruce Sandberg for BARS in conjunction with the Cape Cod Media Center. The video was finished in 2006 and took about two years to produce. Hilda White was the writer on the project.